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Vegan Restaurant

Tips for Visiting a Vegan Restaurant

If you or a friend consider yourself a vegan, it’s important to find a restaurant that caters to your specific diet. At our Panama City Beach Restaurant, you’ll find a comprehensive and delicious vegan menu complete with a variety of awesome options to choose from. Whether you visit our place or another vegan restaurant, here are a few tips to make your next visit easier as you stick to your diet.

  • Before you visit our Panama City Beach Restaurant, check out our menu online. This will give you a better idea of what we have to offer, and it will make the ordering experience much easier once you arrive. The same idea applies to any vegan restaurant – always look up the menu in advance to ensure they have something you’ll enjoy.

  • Find out if the restaurant has a detailed ingredients list. Some restaurants are now including this information right away, while others will give it to customers upon request.

  • If you’re the only vegan in the group and you’re not going to a vegan restaurant, call ahead and ask if the chef could possibly prepare a vegan alternative for you. Many restaurants are happy to accommodate vegan customers, even if they don’t have anything that’s specifically vegan showing on the menu.

  • Get creative and have some items ordered a la carte so you can create your own dish. For example, ask for rice without butter and add a few different side veggies to devise your own vegan meal without causing too much of a fuss.

  • Many ethnic restaurants offer a wide range of vegan options. Find out if your friends are willing to go to a Thai restaurant or some other place that tends to make more vegan-friendly dishes.

  • If you’re still hungry after your meal, ask about a vegan dessert. A sweet treat at the end of your meal can be the perfect finish to your experience.

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