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We are passionate about our cruelty-free options! One of our owners is vegan, and we take the utmost care to ensure the quality of our cruelty-free food options. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask! Additionally, if you're craving anything, let us know ahead of time and we'd be happy to make it for you!


Please make your server aware that you are ordering the vegan option!

Also, we only use veganaise & plant-based butter in the restaurant. Any sauce with a mayonnaise base (like ranch or remoulade) is already vegan because we do not carry mayonnaise except in packets for to-go orders. 

To Begin...

Pickle Fries V

Pickles, thinly sliced into fries, battered & fried to a golden brown, served with ranch. 9


Clean south chicken wings with your choice of barbecue, buffalo, Jamaican jerk, or mango habanero. 20 grams of protein per serving! 17 

Kimchi Sweet Potato Fries GF-V

Sweet potato fries, tossed in brown sugar togarashi, topped with Korean kimchi, wasabi ranch, diced tomato, onion, & cilantro. 13

Big Daddy’s Bavarian Pretzel V

An oversized Bavarian pretzel, topped with sea salt, served with grainy mustard. 9 Add vegan beer cheese for 1.5

Charcuterie Board

An assortment of vegan cheeses & traditional accoutrement. 27  

Taphouse Salad GF

Spring mix, cherry tomatoes, red onion, cucumber. 8 Request with no cheese to be vegan.


-Add vegan chicken strips (+5) or vegan fish (+5)




Fish Tacos

Gardein battered fish (fried in vegan dedicated frier), served on tortillas with mango salsa & remoulade. 

Krabby Patty V

Vegan crab patty, served with lettuce, onion, tomato, & house-made vegan remoulade. 13

Fish & Chips

Gardein battered fish served with proper British“chunky chips.”15

Request vegan fish to make it vegan. 15

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich V

Gardein chicken strips tossed in tangy buffalo sauce, topped with lettuce onion, tomato, & served with fries. 11 

Vegan Domestic Burger

Beyond burger, lettuce, & tomato, on a beer-infused bun, served with fries. Add vegan cheese for 1.50

Vegan Freedom Burger

Impossible burger topped with vegan cheese, vegan bacon, vegan beer cheese, onion ring, America sauce, lettuce, onion, & tomato, on a beer-infused bun. 15

Chick'n Salad Sandwich

Mrs. Thompson’s famous chicken salad, with cruelty free chicken, grapes, pecans, celery, aioli &… we can’t tell you all of the secret ingredients! 12



Shoestring Fries GF-V  5                 Brussels Sprouts GF-V  5 

Steak Fries GF-V  5                          Onion Rings V  5  

Sweet Potato Fries GF-V  5              Seasonal Vegetables GF-V  4


*Vegan Cheesecake is now available for dessert!