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Tap Room

Why a Tap Room is Much More than a Bar

The term tap room and bar may be interchangeable, but there’s a big difference between a true tap room and a bar near you. Bars are generally a place where friends can meet, share some drinks, and enjoy a bit of food, while a tap room is often part of the actual brewery itself. Let’s take a look at some more reasons why a tap room is so much more than just a bar near you.

Part of the Community

Since the term tap room is attached to a brewery, it’s usually a local business. These places are a great place where friends can gather, but they also host a lot of community-related events, too. From fundraisers for local charities to special discounts offered to residents, a tap room has an important place in your local community. Many people who run a tap room are locals who had a dream of starting up their own brewery and business.

Visible Differences

The term bar actually refers to the long piece of countertop that you sit at. Tap rooms don’t typically have a bar or if they do, it’s just one small part of their layout and seating design. Most taprooms feature picnic tables or large tables where people can gather together. In fact, the open floor plan and seating arrangement of tap rooms encourage strangers to sit together and get to know their neighbors. Most bars are smaller, while tap rooms tend to have more open space and more outdoor space, too.

Food Options

If you look at a bar near you, they probably have a signature menu that serves the same things every week. Tap rooms tend to use food trucks to sell a variety of local cuisine. This allows the tap room to keep overhead low while offering new food to customers and supporting their local restaurateurs. While both a bar and a tap room are terrific, each one has its own unique qualities that make it a special place.

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