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Craft Beer Bar

Signs You've Found an Amazing Craft Beer Bar

When it comes to trendy beverages, there’s nothing quite like a delicious craft beer. As you search for a beer bar near you, consider checking out a craft beer bar that offers a wide variety of options to choose from. Here are some signs to look out for that will ensure you’ve found the ultimate craft beer bar near you.

A Lot of Variety on Tap

No true craft beer bar is complete without a vast array of taps. If you love craft beer but there are only a few options, you might get frustrated at the lack of choices. Look for a craft beer bar that has tons of taps so you can check out all of the latest releases. From local craft beers to imported options, the more taps, the merrier. A true craft beer aficionado wants to be able to taste and try as many new beers as possible.

Variety of Glassware

Bars that care about the beer they serve will have plenty of different glassware options, too. For example, sour ales should be poured into snifters, while pilsner or IPA is best in a pint glass. Even bars with wine glasses show that they care about what and how they serve their drinks. Every type of alcoholic beverage including beer is best when drank in the appropriate glassware. If everything is served in a stein or disposable cup, you may want to keep searching.


While everyone loves a cold beer, it shouldn’t necessarily be freezing. Ice-cold beer will not put off the same taste that reasonably cold beer will. Frozen beer also means that it’s not as fresh as it should be. Look for bars that serve cold beer on tap. Perfectly-poured draught beer is much more enjoyable than a bottle of beer directly from the freezer.

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